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Premium Vaginal Probiotics

Premium Vaginal Probiotics

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Put your health first.

Rebalance your vaginal health with Probiotics - formulated with an effective 50 billion CFU and enriched with the power of prebiotics. Usher in a new era of wellness with rich, natural ingredients designed to enhance your vaginal microbiome and stabilize your pH. Without the science talk, this secures your body against recurring issues—like bacterial vaginosis—and keeps you healthy to fight off anything bad coming your way.

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement take two (2) veggie capsules once a day.

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  • Supports vaginal pH balance

  • Clinically researched

  • Vegan friendly

  • All Natural

The Kydella Effect

Don’t fret. We’re on your side.

Our capsules contain a potent blend of essential vaginal probiotics to keep you feeling your best, most powerful self. And it’s all enhanced with MakTrek Bi-Pass Technology.

So, let’s start there: MakTrek Bi-Pass Technology sounds scientific, and it is—but it isn’t rocket science. All it means is that our capsules bypass the acids in your stomach so beneficial probiotics survive the journey to get to where they need to be..

L. Acidophilus is a type of bacteria. Scary sounding, we know. But it’s the good kind of bacteria that our bodies need to function at their best. This helps fight off infections like UTIs, yeast & BV (bacterial vaginosis)

L. Plantarum is naturally found in our mouths. It breaks down our food to nourish our bodies, all while fighting off diseases in the process.

L. Rhamnosus & rheuteri can be found inside your intestines right this second. Yep, right now. These powerful strains of bacteria processes the sugar lactose (like dairy) and turns it into lactic acid. Yep—the same lactic acid that maintains an acidic vaginal pH and keeps infections at bay.


Keep the scale balanced on your side. Our capsules are easy to swallow and contain no artificial colors or flavors. No fluff, just what you need.

What the research shows

A 2023 study published by The National Library of Medicine showed that vaginal infections treated with medications left the possibility of recurrence and chronic infection because of the adverse effects on the indigenous lactobacilli. Pro- and prebiotics were shown to optimize, maintain, and restore the vaginal microflora, and can therefore offer alternative approaches to reduce infections of the vagina.

For more details, here's the original Pubmed study