I had one goal: Help people with vaginas get the care they deserve

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Trust us, you're not alone

Hi. I'm Dr. Tina, and I’ve been in your shoes. For what felt like forever, I was plagued with recurrent Urinary tract infections (UTI). The more symptoms I had, the more antibiotics I got. Even as a doctor myself, I was lost.

Enter: Kydella. I started this project to remedy the problem I’d had for so long. I wanted to give people struggling with genitourinary discomfort the chance to go on the offensive. Instead of reeling from near-constant infections, I imagined a supplement to break the vicious cycle.

No more trial and error.

No more antibiotics.

Just one, final, preventative solution to end them all.

Kristina McCaw, MD
Board Certified - American Board of Internal Medicine

  • Antibiotic Resistance

    When bacteria no longer respond to drugs designed to kill them

  • Disrupts vaginal flora and pH

    Leaving you susceptible to yeast infections and BV

  • Upsets sensitive gut flora

    Causing bloating and diarrheal infections like C diff

Here's What Makes Us Stand Out:

Physician Formulated

Scientifically Proven

All Natural Ingredients

D-mannose bottles, one erect and one on it's side

Premium UTI Prevention

Eliminates the need for antibiotics by reducing the chance of getting an infection.


Premium Vaginal Probiotics

Optimizes the vaginal microbiome to resist yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis